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Kitchen Crown Baking Powder(Tin), 100 gms


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Brand: Kitchen Crown




Grocery Essentials, Baking Supplies, Baking soda/powder


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"Kitchen Crown Baking Powder (Tin) is a leavening agent made with a blend of baking soda, dry acid and even cornstarch. Baking powder makes the food fluffy and it has a bitter taste. Mainly used to increase the quantity and soften the texture of the baked foods. Chemical name is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Health Benefits:
A rich source of calcium, iron, manganese etc. Helps to whiten the teeth. Baking powder is very low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Helps to treat heartburn. The presence of PH factor in baking powder will helps to delay fatigue.

How to Use:
One spoon (teaspoon) of Kitchen Crown baking powder is used to raise a blend of one cup of liquid/ flour. Can be added in cakes, muffins, buttermilk, yogurt, bread, biscuit etc.

Store in a dark and cool place on the kitchen shelf. And make sure the container lid is closed tightly. Will last for 9 to 12 months. It is highly recommended not to store in a refrigerator it may make the powder react in the can."

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