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Indian Mutton Bone (Fresh), 1 kg


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Origin: India

Fresh Indian mutton with bone is the meat of adult sheep, one of the world's favourite and healthiest red meat. Besides its unparalleled taste, Indian mutton also offers a range of health benefits to those who consume it.

Mutton is a rich source of iron and zinc. Iron helps in the formation of blood cells and blood. Hence, people suffering from anemia or iron deficiencies are recommended to eat red meat, including mutton. Zinc present in mutton helps develop the body’s natural immune system. The saturated fats present in mutton support heart health and reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also enhances good cholesterol and maintains a healthy heartbeat. Mutton contains vitamin B that helps burn the fat present in the body. Bones of mutton are very nutritious; they help fight osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation, heal the gut, aid sleep. Fresh Indian mutton is a rich source of zinc that supports the body’s natural immune system and the growth of healthy nails and hair.

How to use:
Mutton can be consumed as a part of various dishes like soups, bone broths, hamburgers, roasts, curries, and stews.

Freshly cut mutton can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days when stored at the right temperature.