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Beef Towel, 1 kg


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Eggs and Meat, Beef, Fresh meat


beef towel, beef tripe, tripe meat, beef stomach

Beef Towel can also be referred to as Tripe which is the edible lining wall of the cow’s stomach. Tripe is the by-product obtained after the animal is slaughtered. Beef tripe or Beef towel is one of the most commonly eaten varieties.

Beef towels are an excellent source of inexpensive lean healthy proteins and are loaded with essential nutrition.
It is a rich source of selenium which is important for the defense mechanism and body’s signaling.
It contains many minerals and vitamins.
Beef Towel has a high content of Vitamin B12 which helps to prevent anemia.

How to use:
Beef Towels can be used to make dishes like stews, sausages, sauced foods, and soups. While preparing they are heavily spiced, due to their mild flavor and distinct smell.

How to clean:
There are two types of unbleached or bleached Beef Tripe or Beef towel.

Unbleached Beef Towel -Start by discarding and cutting off the part that doesn't look like a beef towel. To remove the impurities rub rock salt and rinse with vinegar, then scrape off the towel with a long sharp knife and rinse many times with water.

Bleached Beef Towel- The Bleached Beef Towel will be paler than the unbleached beef towel due to the chlorine content but it’s free of impurities and grit so just rinse it many times with water to remove the chlorine.

Store in refrigeration.

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