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Beef Bone-in (Fresh), 1 kg


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Beef, the meat of cattle, is one food that is recommended to be consumed moderately as part of a healthy diet because of the presence of abundant protein and nutrients.

Fresh beef is essentially constituted of protein and varying amounts of fat. Beef protein helps promote the maintenance and growth of muscles. Therefore, beef can be made an excellent part of the diets of athletes and bodybuilders. Bones of beef are rich sources of calcium and phosphorus, along with sodium, magnesium. They are helpful for maintaining the health of joints. Animal-derived foods like meat are the only healthy dietary sources of vitamin B12 that help in blood formation. They are a rich source of iron that helps prevent tiredness, fatigue, and anaemia. Hence, for pregnant or menstruating women, beef is recommended for consumption to supplement iron requirements. The beta-alanine content present in the meat can help reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance.

How to use
Beef is a preferred food item by a large number of people worldwide and is usually eaten as roasts, ribs, and steaks. Ground or minced beef is also used to make various dishes.

Uncooked beef can be stored in a refrigerator for 3-4 days and in the freezer for longer.