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Dry Papaya, 250 gms

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papaya dry fruit, dry papaya, Organic Dried papaya

The dry papaya is the dried variety of regular fresh papaya that favors storing it for long without any spoilage, compared to the fresh fruit. Eating dried papaya is one of the efficient ways to boost your nutrient intake.

Organic Dried papaya is a nutrient-dense snack with top health benefits. They mainly include improving vision and digestion, lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening cellular function, and maintaining skin health.

Nutritional Facts
A hundred grams of papaya dry fruit approximately provides:
Energy 296 calories
Carbohydrate 75.46 grams
Water 20.84 grams
Sugar 65.46 grams
Potassium 603 mg (milligrams)
Magnesium 69 mg
Calcium 67 mg
Vitamin C 40.3 mg
Choline 20.2 mg

How to use
Serve them whole as a crunchy snack at any time or use them as topping for the desserts you make.

Store at room temperature by packing in a sealed bag or tin, or refrigerate to keep them fresh for long.

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