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Dry Cherry, 250 gms

AED 19.00

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Dry cherry is the dried version of fresh cherries. While undergoing the drying process, it gets sweeter, nutrient-dense, and also results in thickening of the skin thereby increasing its durability.

The dry cherry fruit helps you to reach daily recommendations of nutrients and vitamin intake. Being a good source of vitamin A, it aids to lift our eye health.

Nutritional Facts
Check out our website now to buy great quality dry cherry online. One-fourth ac up of dried cherries offers almost: Energy 120 calories Protein 0 grams Carbohydrate 26 grams Fiber 3 grams Sugar 17 grams Fats 0 grams

How to use
Dried cherries are available in ready-to-eat snack form so that our customers can easily serve on plates with these delicious and nutritious dried fruits. Garnish your favorite pies, cakes, puddings, salsas, salads, and other desserts and enjoy!

Store away from moisture by sealing them in an air-tight container and keeping at normal room temperature.

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