What is the Significance of Fancy Number Plates in UAE?

The UAE is known all across the world for its high-end automobiles and well-maintained road networks. However, along with these premium cars, Emirates represent a special liking for unique UAE number plates. It reflects the social strata and refined taste of the automobile owner. The lesser the numbers on the uae number plates for sale, the higher is its value. They also have a fascination of representing their birth date, lucky numbers, and unique digits like 786 or 007 on the automobile registration plates. Here is the significance of the UAE number plates.  

Designs of Vehicle Registration Plates in UAE

The UAE comprises of a federation of seven Emirates where each province manifests their individual vehicle registration plate design. Abu Dhabi number plates have a red band either on the left or on it's middle and bear a specific figure depending on the year of issue. The maximum digits on this plate can grow up to five. uae number plates for sale are an entirely white representation with one or two letters and up to five digits. Similarly, other Emirates of the UAE, including Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain, follow their unique characteristics while issuing vehicle registration numbers. In all these states, there can be a maximum of five digits on the plate.


Where would you Look for Number Plates?

If you are looking for unique UAE vehicle registration plates, then visit reputed online listing and classifieds portals like Quoodo.com. Browse through the automobile section of this forum to find a range of attractive number plates for sale . However, if you have some specific requirement regarding the number plates, then it is better posting an advertisement on these portals. Explain your demands precisely in lucid language on the post. These portals would help you reach out to thousands of number plate owners within a short time- span. You can also directly take part in the online auction for number plates conducted by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. Register for this process of Dubai number plates for sale by creating an account at their official website. You must own a valid Dubai driving license, and an automobile registered in Dubai to take part in the bid. You need to deposit an amount of AED 5,000 + AED 120 as participation fee. The successful bidder should also clear the final bid amount within ten working days after the closing of the auction.


Which are the most Valuable Number Plates in the UAE?

As already pointed out, in the UAE, there is a growing demand for UAE number plates bearing smaller digits and alphabets. The market is exceptionally steep, and for a small increment in the fanciness of the number plates, it’s price can increase considerably. Famous personalities in the UAE spend millions of dirhams to own a prestigious vehicle registration number. In June 2016, an Emirati business-leader spent a whopping Dh 18 million to hold the prestigious No 1 plate in Sharjah. However, the costliest number plate< was sold in Abu Dhabi in 2008 for a colossal Dh 52.2 million. A renowned Emirati businessman acquired the No.1 licence plate in Abu Dhabi in that year. Emirates Auction working in close coordination with Abu Dhabi Police General Directorate hosted this auction programme. So, we can see that many top dignitaries in the UAE seek premium number plates to accomplish the urge to attain premium status in society. It offers them immediate gratification and instant recognition. If you wish to purchase UAE number plates, log in to the motor section of Quoodo.com to find your preferable registration plates.