Winter camping in UAE, An experience to cherish

Nothing says weekend fun than winter camping! Whether your perfect weekend camping idea is a crackling log fire, beachside barbecue or sleeping overnight under the starlit skies - UAE offers tons of exciting winter camping options. Bestowed with beaches, rolling sand dunes and mountain ranges, UAE takes credit to a speckled landscape that satiates the adrenalin drive of the campers.

Explore the intriguing wilderness of the country and tread off the beaten paths to make some beautiful holiday memories. So, what are you waiting for? Take out those camping gear, pack your stuff and off you go to some of the best camping sites in the country

Here is a list of camping sites in UAE, which has some well known spots and some less explored sites as well.

Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai

Not far from the skyline of Dubai, Al Qudra is perfect for beginners who want their camping experience to be easy and fun filled. The stunning natural spectacles and the pristine lakes will set a perfect background to pitch your tent. Do not forget to bring a pair of binoculars for bird watching as it has over 100 different species of birds that flock around the lakes, It makes a great place to wind down and relax from the maddening city crowd while still being close to the civilization.

The adrenalin lovers can enjoy their fair share of biking thrill at Al Qudra Cycle Track, which is 86km in length which includes a 50km loop. For those who fancy a camping experience with a romantic twist, “Love Lakes” right next to The Last Lake of Al Qudra will make a great spot to set up the camp.


This is a perfect location for desert campers and Star Wars fans! Liwa, the filming location of Star Wars Episode VII, located in the Empty Quarter is the largest sandy desert in the world. The massive sand dunes and the mesmerizing abstract patterns on it coupled with miles of wilderness will add up to your camping experience here. Did we say that in Liwa you will see the brightest starry nights ever in the UAE?

If you are in a mood to burn the rubber and some sweat bulleting fun, try off road biking along the sand dunes at sunset to get some instagram worth snapshots. Make sure that you do not lose your way; keep your compass and maps ready and always ride in groups.

Fossil Rock, Sharjah

Great for desert novices and day trippers, this hangout spot is not just popular among campers but draws hoards of dune bashers and buggy riders during weekends. Close to the main thoroughfare of the city, this camping site is easy to access.

Fujairah beach

Set up a camp by the beach and enjoy the best of both the worlds of camping fun and beach holiday. It is near the Sandy beach hotels and resort and the fashionable civilization, which will make you, feel at home!

Umm Al Quwain beach

You can pitch your tents to the north or south of Al Rafaah but keep your eyes peeled for high and low tide signs lest you may wake up all drenched. If you’re unsure, camp away from the water. The Dreamland Aqua Park, which is hugely popular for its best family activities is another stopover that you may enjoy.

Wadi Sana

Do you wish to beat a retreat to a quaint little village, away from the hustle and bustle of modernity and to be on the lap of nature? You have reached the right place at the Village of Sana. The winding mountain track that leads to a plateau looks straight out of painting. Relax, enjoy a chilled drink and recharge your body here. The rocky ground may be a bit uncomfortable; so make sure to pack some soft bedding or extra sleeping bags for a well rested sleep. The excellent cycling and hiking trails in Wadi Sana will offer ample outdoor fun to round off a thrilling weekend.

Camping Tips

Tents should be made from non-flammable and non-absorbent materials and should have adequate ventilation holes. You can buy tents and camping gear at easy rates through dubai classifieds or online dubai classifieds sites and save a pretty penny.

Tents should be firmly fixed so that these are not tossed by strong winds. Make sure to keep the ropes tightly fastened so that the campers do not run the risk of getting tripped over the loose ends of the ropes.

Firewood must be stored away from the tent by a minimum of 15 feet from the tent and Health and safety instructions related to fire and grilling should be strictly followed.

Use a suitable four-wheel-drive car for hassle free movement and hauling the camping items. Make sure to carry all the maintenance tools and spare tyres. Choose fair weather days for camping to ensure safety.

There are also long-term camping sites in Dubai. Only Emiratis can apply for the permits to set up long-term camping sites.

Now that you have some of the best camping options at driving distance from Dubai, you can spend your weekend in the great outdoors!