Why Sales Jobs Are Still Trending in UAE

The job market in UAE offers something special for everyone and is excitingly different. Tax free income, world class life style, safe environment and multicultural fabric of the country has made it one of the most sought after destinations for job aspirants.

Quality manpower is the biggest asset of UAE in driving its economy. People from all across the country find UAE a perfect destination to pursue their long term career goals and future, which has made it a popular haven for jobs and business.

Quoodo.com posted 4248 jobs so far this year; out of which 22% are sales jobs in UAE. This piece of statistics clearly shows that sales jobs are trending in the country. The vibrant UAE business sector offers a lot of job openings for both experienced and inexperienced professionals. From real estate, retail, hotel and food and beverage industries – sales is a major component.

Demand for sales jobs are on the rise

The crux of life in Dubai revolves around retail shopping and quite rightly, sales jobs are still trending in UAE. UAE has emerged as a chosen global shopping destination for millions of tourists and natives alike. The annual international event, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and the Expo 2020, the prestigious World Expo to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, opening on October 20, 2020 are some of the major events that have driven up the sales job segment in the country.

Shopping centers and supermarkets are always in need of Sales Representatives and Customer Service Professionals year after year. The demand never ends. In fact during peak holiday season, most retailers resort to seasonal hiring to meet the demand. Not just is retail sector, sales jobs are available in construction, banking, recruiting firms, hotel and hospitality and a lot more.

Sales is a vast niche which refers to all the activities related to selling goods or services in a particular industry. Sales jobs require great interpersonal skills and team spirit in developing relationships with customers and channel partners. They knock down objections, negotiate prices and above all turn leads into sales. Personal development masters like Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy among others have defined Sales as the world’s highest paid profession not for nothing!

What it offers

Apart from offering a very good career opportunity and a generous salary package, sales jobs in UAE offer the prospects of opportunities to meet new customers and enhance their career experience.

A career in Sales indeed offer ample opportunities and experiences than a customary 9- 5 job. The self driven energetic job aspirants will get a slot of scope to prove their merit; the more you put in the more will be your gain. The growth in sales jobs is truly fabulous and offer great scope to make advancements in the career path. Most companies also offer regular in – house training and orientation programs that will help the prospects to fine hone their skills sets and enhance proficiency.

Sales jobs not just give you a career choice but a wide network of customers and friends. Not many jobs can match the tremendous social networking opportunities and growth potential that come with sales. In a way, these highly inspiring and challenging jobs will help you bring out the best qualities in you and stand out in the competition. The personal satisfaction and professional growth offered by sales jobs make it truly unique.

Exclusive benefits of working in the sales industry

Develop skills: Sales jobs are multi faceted, which will help you develop a wide variety of skills including the art of influencing people, earning friends and being the crowd’s favorite! While other career options might make you feel stuck in a specific industry, marketing and sales jobs throws open a lot of opportunities in various fields thereby providing you with a more flexible career path.

Great earning potential: Apart from salary, sales personnel also receive commission, bonus and other additional benefits. With a bit of effort and you get limitless earning potential.

Flexible working hours: While other jobs have a strict schedule, sales jobs come with the benefit of flexible working hours. You have the freedom to manage your own time and arrange your own schedule!

Continuous learning opportunity: It offers limitless learning opportunities that will put you on top of the trends in many areas like the fluctuations in the economy or changes in technology that affects the sales industry. The learning process enhances your career, your hands-on experience and your competence to take up bigger roles.

It will be an understatement to say that sales jobs are just rewarding jobs. It is much more than that! The skills you develop, people you interact with and the monetary benefits that come with this career choice put it in a different league altogether.

To sum up- A career in sales and marketing gives boundless possibilities for financial, personal and professional growth. It is indeed the job choice for the go- getters with an insatiable hunger for success!