Ways to Overcome Rejection by an Employer

No one likes to get turned down by an employer. You spend hours of energy preparing for a job role you desire. So, when it slips away from you, accepting the rejection becomes really hard.

However, you can overcome rejection and get benefited from it with the right approach and mind-set

Here is how you can overcome and learn from rejection when looking for jobs in Dubai

Request detailed feedback

The best way to overcome rejection is through an evaluation. Try to find out what went wrong and what it teaches you for future interviews. Ask the employer for feedback in case of rejection. Listen carefully to keep the points in mind. Self-analysis is not completely effective in evaluating what happened in an interview. You will get a better picture when the employer gives his or her feedback.

So, request the recruiter to provide feedback along with all possible feedback from the employer. If you find the feedback to be generic or superficial, don’t hesitate to request for an assessment feedback. You worked hard to prepare for an interview, so you have the right to obtain some actionable insights, if not the job.

Analyse and reflect

After getting a rejection by an employer, it is common that you try to forget about that experience forever. But that won’t help with future interviews. You should use rejection to analyse and reflect.

Use the employer’s feedback to go back to everything that you did before and during your interview. The methods you used for research and preparation. The interactions you had during the interview, as well as any post-interview conversation.

If your interview had multiple stages, assess your performance at every stage. Try to be critical to look for areas where you can improve

Could you prepare a better presentation?

Could you do more to build rapport during an interview?

Did you forget about showcasing your valuable soft skills?

Could you answer some of the questions in a better way?

All these questions will help you to have an objective look at your rejection.

Build a plan of personal development

Identify what you have done better this time than your previous interviews. This will show you a sign of growth in your approach. Similarly, look for recurring mistakes, if any, to make it a priority in your personal development strategy.

A plan will divert your mind in the right direction, and you will feel more focused on overcoming the issues or weaknesses to attain success in the next interview. You will fill the gaps that currently exist in your abilities.

You can choose informal coaching or proper training, depending on the issue you are addressing. Or, you might just need to work harder on tiny aspects of your performance. No matter what, prepare a plan and follow it with determination to overcome rejection.

Be philosophical about the process

With proper analysis, you will find out that an interview is just a process with many variables. Sometimes, the applicable variables are not in your control. In some cases, you might find out that the rejection was actually in your favour.

For instance, if an interviewer is looking for a person who can speak the local language, you won’t fit that position without having that trait. In such cases, it is better to be a little philosophical about the process.

With a philosophical approach, you can concentrate on elements that are in your control. An interviewer thinks about how effectively you would fit in a specific designation with specific individuals. So, there are variables you can’t do much about.

Build resilience

In modern times, companies transform at a rapid rate, technologies accelerate, and workplaces change. So, if you build self-understanding, bouncing back won’t be a problem. The more you overcome your negative feelings, the better chances you will land a perfect job in UAE

So, be constructive and prepare for another opportunity. Nothing is impossible