Ways To Encourage A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Striking a perfect work life balance in today’s fast paced business world is easier said than done! Technology and social media has indeed made it difficult to keep work away from personal lives. However, studies show that a perfect work life balance is essential to ensure optimum productivity and workplace happiness. Here are some great ways to encourage a healthy work life balance at jobs in uae

1. Encourage Your Team To Go On Holidays

Holidays can reduce stress and help people to recharge their batteries. Holidays are a necessity. Encourage them to use up their annual leave each year and enjoy a laid back holiday. It will go a long way in increasing the productivity of your team and focus.

2. Have A Family-Friendly Workplace

Make your workplace family friendly as it can make the work atmosphere nice. Hosting regular events like company picnics are a smart way to make the team feel special and to foster stronger employee bonds. Allow employees to bring their kids to work by offering baby care facilities. It will help the new parents to remain stress free and focused at office jobs. They will surely develop a more positive impression about your company as well.

3.Give importance to employee wellness

A happy and healthy team will go a long way in making your organization successful. Make sure to have a strong employee health policy that will help them balance their work and home lives without getting burnt out. Offering gym memberships, walking meetings, standing desks , stress balls on work desks, yoga hours are some of the many ideas. You can come up with a host of innovative options that will allow employees to move around and stay in fine nick. Make sure to stock up healthy snacks and refreshments at the office pantry to ensure a well nourished meal for your team.

4.Implement short breaks

Encourage short breaks to ensure optimum productivity. Afterall, the human body is not designed to work without any down time. A play area where you can set up table tennis, card games or board games will be a smart idea. It will encourage the team to mingle and socialize with their peers and establish healthy workplace practices.

5.Offer flexible working hours

You can offer a choice for employees to choose the start and end times of their working day if it is feasible. It will allow the employees to manage their household chores effectively before they start office. If they want to leave a little early in the evening at times to attend their sick parents or child, a rigid attendance policy may be a major stumbling block. Be flexible wherever you can without compromising on the overall productivity of the office.

6. Ask the opinion of employees

It will be a smart move to step into their shoes and think from their perspective to know the best possible work place adjustments that will ensure a better work life balance. Ask for the suggestions and comments of the employees before implementing any policy change, to ensure the success of your policy. Collaborating with your team will provide more insights into the way they think and feel.

7. Long working hours need not be the norm

Commitment and engagement with the work need not mean endless working hours of your employees. Encourage smart working policies rather than letting the team slog for long hours. If the situation warrants, the team will have to work overtime to finish time sensitive tasks during events like product launch or trade shows. But you cannot expect the same level of energy level from the employees if they work overtime continuously. In Fact it may reduce your productivity dramatically and can throw your objectives off track. So, make sure to optimize the productive hours without leaving them exhausted and worn out or else it may even boomerang to hit your sales plans!

8. Consider job share

If you cannot hire new people, you can spread out the workload to other members of the same team or even outsource part of the work if a particular employee finds it a bit too heavy to tackle. It will get your job done without stressing out the team or breaking your budget. Often fine tuning the employee management policies can work magic in enhancing the productivity levels while helping the employee to get a perfect work – life balance.

9.Encourage Communication

Employers and employees should have a healthy discussion and regular communication with one another about how to improve their work-life balance. If an employee is facing any difficulty they should be encouraged to speak with management about what they can do to alleviate the gravity of the situation.

10. Dare to unplug.

Though we all live in a connected world that never sleeps, it is necessary to unplug from the virtual world to be in the real world from time to time. It will be a perfect antidote to break free from the digital noise and recover from weekly stress. For instance, employees can practice transit meditation on their daily commute, instead of checking work emails.

By being back to the basics, your employees can come up with thoughts and ideas about life, future, hobbies and social interests that they might not have thought about for long due to shortage of time.

It is important to understand that work-life balance may mean different things to different people. So, there can’t be a ready-made solution for this issue. Still, the management can come up with some simple adjustments in their employee policies to make sure that everyone stays happy.