Walk In Interview In UAE, Things To Be Aware Of

Walk-in interviews are trending in Dubai. Why do employers and employees prefer such interviews? Can there be any smart tips to fare well and land new jobs through walk in interviews in Dubai? Here is a guide on everything you need to know on walk in interviews

As the name suggests, walk in interviews do not involve a time consuming pre-selection process. Any eligible job-seeker can walk in at the specified date and time. Walk in interviews are typically held when there is an urgent job opening or when the company wants to hire candidates for multiple positions in the quickest possible time.

Walk in or open interviews are quick and the candidates will get to know the outcome in the shortest possible time. It is popular especially among new job hunters in Dubai on a tourist visa.

Here are some tips to consider

1.Know About Job Details

Walk in interviews may draw a lot of candidates. So, to increase your chances of placement, make sure that your skill sets match the job requirement. It is recommended to have the complete details of the job for which you want to apply.

A fair knowledge of the company will be a big plus that will keep you ahead in the race. Do your research on the goals and vision of the company by visiting their website. Their social media profile will give you an idea about the company culture. You can use this information to show you can contribute to their goals. The enthusiasm to know more about the organization will help you get the attention of the interviewers

2.Be well Prepared

Walk in interviews are not something that can be taken lightly. Make sure that you are well prepared and carry all the supporting documents, interviews for the new jobs in UAE including updated resume copies, copies of degree certificates and other academic degrees, passport size photographs and any other testimonials that the employer might have specified on their online job sites.

Pay close attention to the important details like whether it is going to be spot selection or whether you will be asked to attend further rounds of interviews. All these details will help you to prepare for walk-in interviews.

3.Practice Makes It Perfect!

Walk-in Jobs in UAE attract a large volume of applicants seeking new jobs, so these interviews are likely to be shorter. Make sure to leave your best first impression, which will further increase your chances of making your way into the organization

Thorough practice and preparation will help you to stand out from the rest of the players. Go through some of the common interview questions and practice your answers. This makes a perfect walk in interview strategy that will pay off. For questions about why you want to work for the company and what you have to offer, you can give specific answers that highlight your work experiences and skills and how these can be put to the best use in this organization.

4.Be Early

As they say early birds get the worm. Walk in interviews are not pre scheduled and are held on ‘first come, first served’ basis. Be early to reach open interviews for new jobs in Dubai. It will not just show your enthusiasm but will give you the added advantage of being fresh. Being early also means that you are likely to get more attention from the recruiter at the start of the day than at the end of a very long and tedious day .

5. Confidence Counts!

Be absolutely sure about the answers and appear confident and well poised while attending the interview. The confidence will impress your employer easily. The main purpose of walk in interviews is to choose the best candidate from a large talent pool in the least formal sittings. So, the winning equation is to prove your point that you are the best and how your candidature fits their company needs!

6. Be your Natural Best

You have to appear confident and natural without any false pretence. Give your best and drive home your message that you are well informed about the company’s culture, management and above all the scope of the specific job. Make sure to maintain eye contact with the employer and be clear while speaking. A steady tone and an articulated style of conversation will show your confidence and upbeat personality.

7.Follow up

Walk in interviews are typically scheduled for one or two days. So, it is recommended to make a follow up to know the outcome. Send a follow up/ thank you email for the interview and remind them you are keen to take up the role upon selection.

The Best Ways To Find Walk-In Interviews In Dubai

Dubai has a lot of new job opportunities and jobseekers can find plenty of open interviews. Business Bay, the commercial nerve centre of Dubai is home to various businesses and companies that hire aggressively to fill their roles. With the Dubai 2020 expo frenzy catching up, the recruitment pace has hit an all time high, which the prospective candidates can make use of.

Online job portals and job classifieds will help the candidates to find the best walk in interviews around including new jobs suitable for both fresh hands and experienced professionals. However, be aware of any fraudulent job postings with online walk-in interview notification online. Make sure to research about the company before heading for the interview, or if you have the contact details, you can even call to confirm whether the particular position is open

Follow these tips to come off with flying colors during your walk-in interview in Dubai and make a career that matches your skill sets, expertise and above all aspirations.