Top Tips to de-stress at work

Stress – The six letter word that spells dismay everywhere includes work places! Meetings, targets, deadlines and brain storming sessions- employees have to catch up with so many tasks to excel in their jobs in dubai these days.

Striking a work-life balance and reducing burnouts will go a long way in keeping you at peace at work and beyond! Most people even end up carrying home their work, which is an open invitation to stress!

If you been looking for some easy and quick tips to de-stress and stay happy at your job, this post might be of use to you.

Make a checklist of things to do

Do you prefer the old fashioned way of diary entries or latest smart phone reminders to keep a tab of your tasks? Either way, having a checklist will help you to start the day with confidence. Make sure that you do not miss anything on your list and get it done on time. It will make you feel happy and get those endorphins flowing.

Laughter is the best medicine

Watch funny videos, make fun or even pun of your friends or colleagues, enjoy stand up comedies, satirical cartoons or blogs – laughing will make you feel at ease, boost immune system and keep blood pressure under check! Laughing reduces stress hormones and increases creativity in your job. The best part is that laughing is something that you can indulge in anytime, anywhere. Don’t be so serious in life; after all nobody gets out of here alive!

A pat at the back !

Self appreciation can increase your career ambitions and productivity. Praise yourselves for getting even the smallest things done well. Make your achievements and career milestones a big celebration. It will give you a burst of optimism. So, next time before you complain about a bad boss or a jealous colleague who might add up to your work place stress, remember that the remedy to stay happy lies within!

Make a cheat sheet

Write down about the things that are stressing you out the most; for instance, the cause of worry, the outcome of it and why it worries you etc. Once you get a fair idea of the factors that build up stress, it becomes easier for you to manage it and prevent it from snowballing.

Stay motivated

Listening to motivational speeches, spiritual discourses can help. A motivational quote photo frame on the work desk is the best way to start a day and to get inspired. The snapshots of your family, your favorite pet or the sports you love will all add beauty and meaning to your day. These are little factors that will motivate you to keep going even when things don’t work out the way you wish! Tough times never last but tough people do!

Plan ahead

Plan your job a week in advance or having a monthly or quarterly plan of action. It will help you chomp down the complex activities to manageable bits that can be completed within the deadline. It will even help you to string up comprehensive career plan for the future.

Stay organized

A missing file, a calculator or a pen on the desk will all add up to job stress unnecessarily. Make sure to keep your workstations well organized and tidy, which makes it easy to find things. Having all the essential items on hand will go a long way in getting the work done easily.

Stress relievers

From yoga to music, games, leisure travel and work outs there are countless ways to beat stress. Stress balls are a smart way to beat stress and to keep your fingers and hand muscles worked out after a long day at work. Simple stretch exercisers are also proven ways to beat stress. Stretching your neck, hands and legs will help you feel better after sitting for long hours in office.


Humans are social animals. So, the best thing that makes him happy is obviously friends’ parties, office get-together or corporate holidays. Team building activities, outdoor fun, a game of golf- there are countless way to improve relations at jobs in uae. A week end trip will help you to wind down, rejuvenate your batteries and go back to work with greater vigor on Monday morning.

Breathe easy!

Breathing technique is probably the oldest way to enhance your calming effect. When you are irritated, just count till 10 slowly all the while taking long breaths. See the magical effect even before you reach mid way! So, the next time when you are about to fly off the handle, remember anger will only aggravate stress and make it difficult for you to come back to your stable mind set!

Progressive Relaxation

It is a simple meditation technique that you can do without even leaving your work desk! Combat anxiety and stay calm with this method that involves tensing and relaxing of all the muscles of your body right from your toes up to your neck or even face ! It will help you to stay cool even when the whole office goes topsy turvy!

Let’s admit it! Job stress is something everybody has to endure at some point in their life. But managing stress before it gets control of you is what makes you the winner in ensuring a rewarding career experience.