Things To Remember While You Buy An Insurance Premium For Your Car

Cars are necessities rather than luxury these days. It saves a lot of time and effort for the users to commute between home and work place or while running their daily errands. While people put a lot of effort to select their dream vehicle, they often are not serious about finding the right car insurance provider or choosing the right car insurance policy.

Buying a car involves a lot of money. So, every car owner should spend some time to choose the right insurance policy that will ensure the safety of their prized vehicles. Each insurance company has a variety of policies based on the coverage it provides or premium payable etc. It is recommended to compare the rates of the different car insurance policies online before buying one.

What are the things to remember while you buy an insurance premium? Here are some of the factors to be aware in mind while scouting for vehicle insurance policies.

Compare cost Vs benefits

Though low cost advantage will be a major factor in choosing insurance policies, it is not all about price. Focus on the benefits that the insurer will get and the extent of coverage of the vehicle that the policy offers. Ideally, you should choose a policy that is both attractively priced and ensure the best coverage. Learn about additional benefits including roadside assistance or off road assistance.

Buy online

Buying your car insurance online will help you save a pretty penny. Online purchase is quick and hassle free and will offer the convenience to compare insurance in uae for the best policies in a glance and choose the best within a few mouse clicks. Whether you are buying a new vehicle policy or renewing it, online mode will make a safe and smart option. Choose a cashless auto insurance for the benefits it carry.

Choose a insurance company that has a greater market presence

The insurance company you choose should ideally have business tie ups with a number of car garages and service centres. It will enable the car owners to get the vehicles serviced in their nearby service centre in the quickest possible time without being in the waiting list for long.

Settle for a comprehensive car insurance plan

Opt for a comprehensive car insurance plan that will let you to be safe than sorry. This policy covers damages caused to the vehicle due to natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc along with man-made disasters like accidents, theft, riots, strikes and malicious acts. This insurance plan also includes Third-party liability and Personal accident cover for the driver.

Cheap may not be the best!

Cheap insurance providers offer only minimal coverage for car damage, personal injury and a few liability clauses; you may even have to spend from your own pockets to meet the repair costs. So, it is better to opt for polices that ensure maximum coverage. Though you may be paying a slightly higher price upfront it will pay off in the long run- especially in the event of an unfortunate accident or damage to the vehicle.

Avail of No-claim bonus

Make sure to avail no claim bonus, which is applicable only to comprehensive policy. You can claim it while the policy is being renewed. Even if you are changing insurance provider the previous insurance company will provide a no-claim bonus certificate to the insured, which can be handed over to the new company to get this benefit. No claim bonus is one of the best ways to reduce your car insurance premium. Drive safely and be accident free to make a huge saving.

Used car Insurance coverage for used cars

If you are using a used cars in uae, you can opt for zero depreciation add-on so that the cover will not be reduced according to the insured value of your car. Comprehensive cover is available for vehicles up to the age of 7 years and vehicles above that will be provided coverage after inspection of the motor team of insurance companies.

You can opt for the mandatory third party liability coverage for the used car especially if the annual cost of the comprehensive car insurance policy is 10 percent more than the value of your car each year.

If the car has undergone major repairs or is rebuilt after an accident, the premium will go up substantially. Popular car brands have a lower premium because the spares are easy to replace in the event of an accident. Cars with parts that are not readily available will have higher premiums.

Vehicles like SUVs and minivans that have a higher safety score are charged lower premiums. Older cars will have a higher premium considering the theft risk as these are more likely to be stolen for the spare parts.

Now that you have the best tips on car insurance, you can make a well informed decision to get the best value for your money and assured safety for your vehicles.