Things To Know Before You Buy A Car Online In UAE

Buying a new car is too expensive for most people who do not have a sizeable income. Purchasing used cars online in UAE is a smarter option as these are cheaper and will give the buyer the option to change the vehicle whenever they wish at budget friendly rates.

Reports show that 78.1 percent of UAE residents claim they would consider buying a second-hand car. Used car market in UAE is vast. However, it gives a lot of options at unbeatable price, there are some major pitfalls to be wary of.

Here are some things to know before you buy a car online in UAE.

The Type Of Car

The first thing to consider is the type of vehicle that you wish to purchase. Whether it is a big vehicle to accommodate your growing family, a small model that will easily meet your daily commute needs or may be an off road vehicle for those desert drives and fun weekends? Having a clear idea about the vehicle that you need will help you boil down your choices to a select few, which makes it easier to finalize the options.

The Budget

Fix a budget and find a vehicle that you expect to fit within. It will help you to have a targeted approach. Consider the depreciation value that the vehicle will accrue in the coming years. Typically a car that is under two years old, can be purchased at 30% to 40% of the original price while getting the benefit of service contract and warranty.

Most cars depreciate around 20 to 25 percent in the first year, and a further 15 percent per year thereafter. It can however, changes are depending on the model as some cars hold their value high while others depreciate quickly.

You should have a fair idea of the maximum amount you can shell out. Make sure to include the cost of insurance, and ownership transfer fees in this budget. It is recommended to also earmark a sum that will be needed to carry out initial maintenance work, such as fluid and battery change etc.

Online car markets

When you have decided on the car, go online, read reviews of the vehicle and comments from actual owners. It will give a fair idea on what to expect when you actually approach the sellers.

Online classifieds and platforms make a great place where the car buyers and sellers can meet directly without any third party agents. It will help you save on commissions and other overheads as well. Buying a car online in UAE is all about getting the best choices and attractive deals all under one roof. It is a convenient choice for people who are hard pressed for time to visit a retail showroom for used cars as well.

Draw up a checklist

Buying a used car is by no means a simple task that can be taken lightly. It is a major purchase. So, do a bit of research to find credible and reliable sellers. Explore online classifieds dealing with used cars and shortlist the best few to get started.

The buyers should ask for a service history of the vehicle plus its accident history and warranty status. This will prevent any shocks in future for the owners. Impulse buying is a common mistake that most second hand car buyers commit. Take your time in studying the market, price trends and try to find the best model for the money you spend.

Make sure to get the vehicle inspected with a mechanic for its road worthiness and the overall condition of the vehicle. It will help you to find any hidden accident history or major damages of the vehicle that the seller might not have disclosed.

Compare different models

While buying Used Cars in UAE, it’s recommended to compare the basic essentials like mileage, balance of service contract and warranty. If there is a warranty contract on paper, verify from the main dealer whether it is valid. Compare the different models of car across various online used car portals to seal the best deals. A bit of patience and effort will help you get a better car at a competitive price.

Once you have finalised the car model through online classifieds, make sure to take it for a test drive that is of 15-20 minutes duration. It is the ideal time required to get a hang of the vehicle. Watch out for jitters, poor acceleration and noisy braking system or anything else that you might come across. It could be a clue that all is not well with the vehicle. So exercise your caution here before going ahead in the deal!

Negotiation is the key

Negotiate to reduce the price further and if you are a serious buyer with a cash and carry offer up your sleeves, most sellers will be usually receptive to the idea. So, just flash the cash and when the sellers see that you have the money and are serious about a quick deal they will be happy to bring down the price to a mutually agreeable bracket.

Looks are important

Cars may be functional; but most people consider the style and looks of the vehicle before they make up their mind. Dents and scratches may involve repair and some serious spending, So, while buying Used Cars In UAE, look for well maintained vehicles with a perfect set of tyres and a gleaming body that will make you proud. Inspect the upholstery and other accessories like stereo, AC and radio to see that these are in perfect condition. Make sure that the kilometers match with those mentioned in the documents.

If all these tips work well for you, then it’s time to make that much-awaited purchase. If not, don’t rush. There are always a lot of cars being sold online in the UAE. Just choose a good online dubai classified to find your dream car! It is easy as 1-2-3!