The safest ways of buying a used car in UAE

Are you looking for a high quality vehicle with a reasonable price tag? Then opting used car is highly recommended. While a used car can be a reasonable option for residents, plenty of vehicles available on the market at different price range, manufacturers and models. It should be a very cautious call when you look at used vehicles in UAE

Here is a quick checklist you can refer to, when buying a used car in dubai, UAE

Decide Your Brand and Model

It’s important to have your own favouritecar on the UAE roads. One should check for brand durability, maintenance and the options of reselling in case if you are an expatriate and may relocate connected with work or personal reasons. Expatriates in UAE commonly use brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. However, other brands also provide comfort and safety as good as these brands.

Buying Your Favourite Car

Before you start, look at the options offered by the car manufacturer such as SUV, Sedan, Hatchback etc. If you have a big family to accommodate, it is better to shortlist an SUV provided your budget agree upon. One should be evaluating its maintenance and other related expenses such as yearly renewal, insurance etc. before making a final call.

A mechanic can be Handy

To avoid any sort of wrong selection of your car or an agent misleading with their vested interests, a very trustworthy mechanic can evaluate the shortlisted cars for you. This will ensure, you would be away from risks that would end up with spending on your car after purchase.

It is advisable to short list 3 sellers / agents who will be offering best rates for your favourite pick. Since there are used car markets in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi that too with many of the agents depend online used cars websites like, it's easy for the buyer to shortlist his next car in UAE.

Check Fines and other legalities

There are instances where buyers get into trouble after they purchase their dream car from a used car agent. You should get car registration details and ask for pending fines, bank EMI and other legal issues if it pertains with the car you decide to purchase. This vehicle history report should be received to avoid any further hassle.

If you pay a nominal fee, there are consultants who can avail the information from transport authorities such as DOT and RTA. Sometimes you can find an agent provides information beforehand.

Test Drive

Test drive will give the first feel of your next car on the road. Check out the interior since everyone is concerned about the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Damaged interiors (seats and dashboards) will let you negotiate better on the pricing. A test drive will help you to determine the fitness of other accessories such as rear view mirrors, side mirrors, lamps of the car you intend to buy. Needless to say, a price worthy used car in UAE will be the best choice for anyone who resides here for work.