The new 50 year development plan set by the UAE government will keep UAE the hotspot for Young Professionals

As the UAE moves towards its milestone of 50th anniversary in 2021, the government has come up with a development plan for the next 50 years that will support the country’s vision and futuristic goals.

The highly ambitious 50 year development plan is designed to put the UAE among the best countries in the world by 2071- the UAE centennial. The blue print for the future of this young nation focuses on all the core segments like economy, education, infrastructure, health, and media among others to make a giant leap towards a brighter future.

1.New 50 years development charter announced

The five-decade national development plan, known as ‘UAE Centennial 2071, set up by UAE government will go a long way in making UAE a happening spot for young professionals. Designed to add a dramatic impetus to the country’s development, this massive plan will involve UAE government entities at the federal and local levels to discuss challenges and strategies.

The plan will have several main objectives including investment in education, focus on advanced IT and establishment of professionalism. The plan will ensure better environment for future generations with bigger opportunities.

2.Opportunity for young professionals

The new 50 year development plan unveils the blue print of making UAE the best in the world by 2071, the nation’s 100th anniversary. The development model envisages an ideal setting where the future generations can lead happier and fulfilling existence in a thriving environment with abundant opportunities and global influence.

In the months ahead, UAE will steer its efforts to attain a knowledge-based economy - depending greatly on knowledge, information, and high skill levels - rather than an oil-based one. The focus on advanced technology and engineering will go a long way in making UAE the best place to live, work and grow for the young professionals in the days ahead.

Professionals who wish to excel in their field will have the best possible conditions to nurture their skills and grow their professional expertise and above all to be part of this development plan. Skilled youth will find world class facilities and opportunities to test their mettle and build a secure and happy life in this part of the world.

Plans for a centralized education system and establish universities as free zones to encourage student entrepreneurship and creative practices will attract a lot more students to the UAE in pursuit of excellent and flexible education opportunities.

3. New visa rules and long term permits - how it helps

UAE has introduced a slew of long term permits and interim visa facilities to make it easy for entrepreneurs, businessmen and young professionals who wish to work or study in UAE.

Permanent residency scheme:

The six-month multiple-entry interim visa can be availed by non-UAE residents seeking long- term investment visa in the country. It will enable foreigners to live, work and study in the UAE without the need of a national sponsor and with 100 per cent ownership of their business in UAE. These visas with a validity of 5 or 10 years will be renewed automatically. Those who are residing in the UAE can also transfer their existing residency permits to investor visa if they fulfill the above conditions.

Outstanding students with a grade of 95% in secondary school level and atleast 3.75 GPA on graduation are also eligible for the long term visa - ranging from five to ten years that will help them to explore opportunities in their field and undertake studies and advanced courses.

Gold Card:

The Gold Card will be granted to qualifying investors, entrepreneurs, outstanding students, professional talents and research professionals in various fields of science and knowledge. Gold Card visa holders can be out of the country for more than six consecutive months.

4. Industries

Analysts and business experts confirm that the UAE government’s latest initiative to build a comprehensive plan for the next 50 years will go a long way in boosting business confidence in the country. The innovative plans and projects will set a perfect platform for industries to play their part in boosting their productivity and making UAE a truly global, flexible and attractive economy. The long term development model will provide a significant confidence booster for private sector, government institutions as well as the people of the UAE to work towards building a better future.

The 50 year plan will reinforce the emirate's position as a global centre for industry and ensure a more prosperous life to all its residents. Proposal of a Dubai silk road in co-operation with neighbouring countries to re -establish the historical trade routes and crossroads between east and west will open up a lot of opportunities in trade and industries.

Setting up region's first virtual commercial city is another innovative and futuristic proposal. It will make it possible to get commercial licenses, residencies or open bank accounts without the need to be physically present in Dubai.

UAE Centennial 2071 is important for all the industries in the country as UAE has to prepare for post-oil future and embrace path-breaking global technologies in the field of 5G, artificial intelligence and renewable energy among others. It will indeed throw open vistas for new industry niches and ample opportunities to diversify and reach higher benchmarks for both existing industries and the new entities in future.

How this 50 years plan will support the country's vision

The ambitious 50 year plan unveils the master plan for UAE’s development for the next five decades and has set a perfect launch pad to take the ambitions of this young nation to greater heights. This futuristic plan envisages ample opportunities for everyone to prove their merit and be successful and unveils a road map for the future.

The development plan is designed to build the Emirates of the future with a winning spirit of unity, progress and success thereby shaping the lives of the future generations.