How to Prepare for Job Interviews in the UAE?

Are you preparing for job interviews in Dubai? Do you have a meeting scheduled in this week? Here are a few tips to help you crack the job vacancies in UAE. It is a fact that, the UAE has a strong economy and the market has plenty of job opportunities. Software, accounts, hospitality, marine, and healthcare are some of the hot jobs in the country. However, also remember that there are a lot of job seekers looking for suitable jobs in UAE. You need to have the requisite skills to crack these employment opportunities at the very first attempt.

Prepare for Important Questions

There are a few questions which most prospective employers wish to know in common. They ask job seekers what motivated them to look for a career opportunity in the UAE. If you are an expat exploring job vacancies in Dubai, then there is a higher probability of this query during the first round of interview. To provide a precise and convincing answer to this question, conduct a thorough self-analysis on how a job in Dubai would add value to your career. You can talk about career goals, where you want to be in the next 5 years, what contributions you can add to the position you have been interviewed, etc. Work on your CV by including all your achievements in the current and previous concerns.

Follow Job Advertisements in Local Newspapers

The local newspapers and online job portals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah regularly post job vacancies in UAE in their classifieds section. Go through them daily to gain up-to-date information about positions and requirements. Try to attend seminars, job fairs that fit in your career growth. Never leave your job hunting if you are unable to succeed in the first few interviews. Always remember that Emirates is with full of opportunities and every serious job seeker will find their job in UAE in the career journey. The country never disappoints!

Dress for Success

Your dressing sense speaks volume about your character and etiquettes. Dress appropriately for the interview by investing in proper formal attire. Your attire forms an impression, and it gets you through the first round.

Stay Away from Agencies Asking for Interview Fees

It is better to be aware of agencies and portals asking for money as placement fees. No reputed employers ever ask for payments from job seekers for hiring. If you do not find the respective job post in their career section, call the HR and inquire about the vacant position. It will offer you authentic information about the position and the job description.

Get Directions, Be on Time

It is always better to reach the interview venue on time, preferably minutes before a scheduled interview. It forms a positive impression about your sense of punctuality. Follow traffic-update based apps on your mobile phone to avoid roads with congestions on your way to the meeting venue.

Employment Offer

If the employers decide to hire you, ask for the formal offer letter before committing yourself to the role. It is also essential to get an employment visa, as working with a visit visa can land you into trouble in future. Never accept jobs in Dubai due to peer pressure. Commit for those roles which will eventually offer traction to your career growth.

These were some of the essential points which you should keep in mind while preparing for job interviews in the UAE. Keep applying, and you will land on your dream job in the UAE.

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