How a fresher can settle faster & easier with a Job in UAE

UAE is a dream place for every jobseeker, Many people who visit UAE would like to live here. However, it takes more than just a dream to survive in this country unless you have a decent income in the form of salary or investments.

Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are offering plenty of opportunities to the people who look for immediate hiring jobs in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE. List of ways to find a job in the UAE for a new comer / fresher in a city like Dubai.


Try to make as many contacts as you can on social networking websites before you fly down to the UAE, its always recommended to look for a stay in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi being the emirates which offer majority of jobs in UAE. It's preferrable to find a stay with friends or relatives if you have one to cut short your budget as its comparatively expensive to live in these cities. Have an understanding of the cities and the best way of commutations. All these cities offer frequent public transports such as DoT, Sharjah Transportation, RTA in Dubai. And also Dubai is well connected with Dubai Metro the most affordable and fastest way to move around the city.


It's relatively easy to get it done. your contacts or YELLOW PAGES would let you find the companies you wish to apply for. Jebel Ali free zone, special zones like Dubai academic City, KIZAD, Sharjah airport free zones,RAKEZ and Dubai industrial city are few of the locations you should start looking for prospective companies you want to find your next job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah jobs


Your competence, qualifications or other criteria you think are influential may not work instantly while you search for a job in UAE. It may take 3 to 6 months for finding the most suitable job you wish in UAE. It depends upon how you connect with companies, your resume, the requirements with companies vs their hiring plan. Ideally, 6 months should be kept in mind for settling with a job in UAE. This country offers short term visas and long term visas. you can start with 3 months visa then extend as it is required, unless you are not travelling to this country on a dependent visa.


Nothing works without an effective personal and professional networking. while you are at UAE, it is important to connect with social and cultural networking such as community events, cultural events and other events where you can meet like-minded people, professionals, company representatives and even your friends and relatives who are positioned in leadership, decision making roles where they can easily connect with HR of their organizations or known circles.

Apart from that, there are many leading websites such as an online free classifieds and deals portal, who offer jobs that are relevant and current. All the jobs in this platform are posted by employers directly and you could expect instant reply from the employers. Never miss to find other portals who offer jobs in the UAE.


While the overall financial health of the Emirates is becoming stable, not all Job markets are prepared to bounce back. That being said, in preparation for Dubai's hosting at Expo 2020, there are some fields that are expected to flourish. Some segments where jobseekers might find success include: Finance, Marketing, Procurement, IT, Hospitality, Telecom, Tourism Many of the above sectors are performing so well that salaries are expected to continue to rise steadily. Finding a job in UAE is much easier these days as online platforms bring in most of the positions available in the UAE, Mobile Apps for is handy where you can start searching the jobs on the move or even enable "Auto CV submission" where will post your applications where your profile meets the job requirements posted on the Quoodo platform.