How To Sell A Car Quickly In 5 Easy Steps

Selling a car could sound easier said than done! However, these 5 simple steps will help you to sell your used car in UAE with least hassles at best rates.

1. Find a buyer

The first step while selling your car is finding a buyer. You can rely on reputed online free classifieds in Dubai that help you sell your used car. Advertise aggressively through paid and free postings classified sites or social media platforms like Facebook to reach out to a larger number of buyers.

Selling a used car can be tricky at times but you have a better chance to get a fair price if you sell your used car via an online platform. Create a catchy online ad with some great snaps of the vehicle in different angles and light settings that will give the buyer an idea of what to expect and build confidence in their minds.

Make your vehicle stand out for some good reasons. Apart from the basic details of the car like the model and engine details you can also give an interesting description or a little story about the car on how you bought it and how reliable it has been.

Spread the word in your community or friends circle to get possible enquiries from people known to you. Remember not to advertise on the windscreen or display your ad on the cars it may attract fines from RTA. Advertise the car condition as it is and be open about the major repairs that your car might have had if any. Honesty is the best policy in every sales deal including vehicle transactions.

You can also visit used car showrooms especially those that are located around Ras Al Khor used car market to find a buyer. However, the offer price may be lower than your expectation at times.

2. Agree on a price

Once you have found a buyer and if they are happy with the condition of the vehicle, the next step would be to agree on a price. You may have to be a bit flexible on the price and set it a bit lower than the market value of your used car model to ensure quick selling. An attractive selling price will draw more potential buyers. You can seek the services of a professional car valuator to find the market value of your car.

3. Genuine deals matter!

Used car market has its share of pitfalls to be wary of. So, make sure that you deal with only genuine and serious buyers who are ready for a personal meeting to discuss terms. Once you have arrived at a mutually agreeable price, you can proceed to receive the payment. It is recommended to deal with cash.

When selling your used car, make sure to screen the calls diligently before you interact with them. Consider creating a separate email account and getting a free Google Voice phone number just to use for selling a car privately. Beware of buyers who push down the price or force you to lower the price before they even inspect the car. They could be buying it to resell at a higher price. Reveal all the essential details of the car like the year, make, model, mileage and condition only when you are absolutely sure that you have a serious buyer on hand.

Do not accept post-dated cheque unless it is not a reputed reseller. If at all you have to accept a post-dated cheque, keep the transfer process on hold till its clearance. It will ensure a fair deal and will enable you to stay safe from fraudsters. You can also make some agreement of sales and proof of payment received to avoid any confusion later on.

4.Set up a test drive

Arrange a safe place to meet the buyer and show them your used car. It is recommended to choose a public area like a coffee shop or a mall and bring a friend if possible. Accompany the prospective buyer on the test drive and respond to any of the queries without any sales pitch. Hard selling may not be a good idea as the buyer might be tempted to negotiate further. Don’t sound desperate to sell the vehicle.

If the buyer wants to have a mechanic to inspect the car, they should pay for the inspection. If the buyer finds any issues, you can choose to fix the problems requiring immediate attention and not everything on their list.

5. Get the vehicle papers done in advance

Before you are selling your car in the UAE, make sure that there are no outstanding fines or loan. The buyers may not be keen to wait for the loan clearance. So, before placing the advertisement, make sure to clear all outstanding loans and ensure a smooth transaction. Once the payment received and the deal is through you can cancel your insurance policy from the insurance company and transfer the ownership. If your vehicle is due for insurance renewal, you can get the car tested in any of the RTA authorised test centres to get it renewed.

Now that you have these 5 smart tips on hand, selling your used car will be a breeze!