Dubai's Journey To Become The Healthcare Hub In The Region Is Exciting

Dubai has emerged as not just a premium business destination but a medical tourism hub as well in recent times. Dubai takes credit to an efficient healthcare system that ensures easy access to doctors and services. Many overseas visitors who may have to endure long waiting times due to the overloaded healthcare infrastructure system in their native places find it highly convenient.

Health Tourism

Dubai's medical tourism sector is growing at a faster rate than many other countries. Reports show that Dubai's medical tourism industry has an annual growth rate of about 40 per cent as against 25% elsewhere, mostly because of its high standards of healthcare.

Dubai, a Global Destination for Medical Tourism' project launched in April 2016 and implemented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is designed transform Dubai into a favored destination for medical tourists.

The Dubai Health Experience (DXH) conceived by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to market Dubai as a medical tourism destination has become a huge hit in a very short time. In Dubai, people can combine leisure or business with their medical tourism visit, which is a distinct advantage to the tourists.

Dubai has hospitals with state of the art facilities where multiple check-ups can be done at one go. Thus people need not travel from various hospitals to get their comprehensive diagnosis done; they can also get medical opinions from more than one doctor in the shortest possible time.

The geographic location of Dubai makes it easily accessible from different parts of the world and the easy inbound travel enables medical tourists to reach as per their convenience. Add to it the big plus of Dubai's cosmopolitan and diverse social fabric which makes every genre of people feel at home.

It also means that patients can easily find healthcare professionals who speak their native language, which considerably reduces the anxiety that normally goes with getting a medical examination done in a foreign country. English is widely spoken along with many other languages in Dubai.

Healthcare city

Dubai Healthcare city (DHCC) launched in 2002 is a healthcare free economic zone situated in the Emirate of Dubai to cater to the rising demand of high-quality, patient friendly healthcare system. It is designed mainly to attract tourists to Dubai for medical services and treatments.

Dubai Healthcare city with more than 90 medical facilities offers a wide range of services in healthcare, medical education and allied fields. It comprises of 2 phases- first one dedicated to healthcare services – the most popular of which include infertility, cosmetic and dental treatments. Phase-2 caters to wellness solutions.

Medical tourists from Europe, Asia, Gulf Cooperation Council area and wider Arab world avail the services of DHCC, which is famous not just for its high -tech hospitals and medical teaching centers but also for fashion boutiques, upscale malls and luxury hotels to ensure an eclectic tourist experience for the customers. Some of the popular places of tourist interest nearby include Dubai Dolphinarium which has bottlenose dolphins, seals and parrots. Waterside Creek Park that is popular for its playgrounds and cable-car rides is another must visit spot for medical tourists who come to this area.

Healthcare jobs

The booming healthcare sector in Dubai has been attracting a lot of specialized medical professionals and expats to Dubai to work as doctors, nurses or other medical specialists

Dubai has a high demand for qualified medical professionals and offers good working environment plus growth opportunities. Around 80% of the UAE’s population is foreign-born, which makes it easy for expats to get attuned to this city. Dubai is particularly welcoming of foreign cultures, which the foreign medical professionals will cherish.

There is a massive network of both public hospitals and private health care institutions that ensure premium medical facilities sector. The medical professionals should have qualifications and licensing from their home country which will be assessed by DHA. The labor card that grants permission to work within the UAE and a residency visa, which gives the holder permission to stay in Dubai for a period of longer than 30 days are mandatory.

The major attraction of working in Dubai is tax-free income. Many healthcare positions also include other benefits such as paid annual leave for full-time staff and health insurance among others.

Leading hospitals in UAE

Dubai, poised to be the world medical tourism hub takes credit to some of the best hospitals and health care institutions in the world. Some of the best known hospitals in the public sector include Rashid Hospital, Hatta hospital, Dubai Hospital, Latifah hospital among others. Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital, Lifeline hospital, American Hospital, Welcare hospital, Aster, and Canadian specialist hospital are some of the hospitals in the private sector that are highly rated.

Dubai's has indeed made some giant strides in its journey to become the healthcare hub in the region. Enjoy the best of both the worlds of the best sightseeing experience plus world class medical facilities all in Dubai!