A sneak peek about engineering jobs in UAE

Dubai has seen a huge demand for engineering professionals over the years as the city continues to develop, making it one of the trending jobs in the UAE.

There are plenty of engineering jobs available in Dubai, abudhabi and sharjah emirates. Engineering professionals are vital in the construction industry which is the growth engine of dubai economy. And also, the engineering jobs are available from mechanical to chemical, to project engineering further to oil and gas sector, energy and utility sectors. The majority of engineers work in the construction and its supporting industries. However, industries such as FMCG, IT, Oil & Gas, utilities and energy also contribute Engineering Jobs in UAE.

Engineering jobs are offering excellent salary and perks in the UAE, attracting experienced candidates, Recruiters constantly looking for experienced candidates with a proven track record. Nevertheless, an eligible candidate can take a number of steps to make their profile more attractive to employers.

Freshers for Engineering Job in UAE

The most important thing an employer in the UAE will be looking for is someone who has undergone internships or gained relevant work experience. It is a common preconception that people who have graduated from college or university lack practical experience and that may lead to poor performance and intended results of that role may get unfulfilled.

The most important thing for a candidate to promote their profile with an impressive covering letter detailing how passionate you are to get into the role and your passion towards the engineering profession. to add more, you should be able to explain how your fresh thoughts, understanding new technologies, enthusiasm to learn will add value to the role ultimately.

Resume could be very simple but with precise information about you thus far.

Desirable skills and qualifications

Engineers must have exceptional technical and analytical capabilities, allowing them to identify issues & flaws and rectify them. An engineering degree from a reputed institute will be an advantage.

The specific skills required will depend on the role and sector, and ideally any short term certifications achieved should add prospects to your candidature.

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