10 Ways To Make Your Used Car Look New Again

A used car that looks just as good as a new one! Here are some smart tips that will ensure your used car a facelift and a boost to its desirability. It will help to get your car sold faster with a better price. Think your used vehicle needs a fresh face? Read on to find some easy and super effective tips that will make it look new.

1.Wash It

A thoroughly cleaned brightly displayed vehicle will attract a lot of attention and the buyers will be willing to pay more for a car that looks fresh and new. Empty trash, organize stuff and spend some time for a serious deep cleaning. Keep the car manuals, tools, maintenance paperwork, phone chargers and iPod cords in ziplock bags or compact organizers. Wax polish the exterior for a perfect shine and that fresh inviting look that is hard to resist for any buyer.

2.Fix Scratches

A used car will have a few dents and scratches over its lifetime. Patch up scratches at an authorized service centre with the right paint and sealant to cover up the wear and tear and the old worn out look that any buyer may be wary of.

3. Upgrades

The best way to notch up the final price of the car would be to make your car look a cut above the rest. Think of add-ons like upgraded wheels and plush seat covers or a high-end sound system, all of which can impress the buyer looking for a great deal in used vehicles. The sellers can easily recover the value of the upgrades with a decked up, mint condition vehicle than an old car model – that too without spending a fortune.

4.Upgrade the sound system

Consider upgrading the car’s sound system with the latest technology. Other accessories like Bluetooth, reverse cameras, touch screen systems, GPS navigation units will all make great upgrades for the vehicles in today’s world. If you are replacing the music system, make sure to use a new wiring kit instead of using the car’s older wiring.

5.Detailing of interiors

A clean and stylish interior with a car detailing uae is a great selling point for your used car. A thorough cleaning of carpets, dashboard and the seats will make the vehicle look vibrant. A clean interior is the hall mark of any well maintained car and it will be a wise investment in the long run. A local car wash with state of the art technology is the right place to get these tasks done.

6.Replace weather damaged tires

Vehicle wheels play a crucial part in ensuring optimum mileage for the vehicle apart from enhancing the driving experience .Wheels need to be ideally replaced once your car hits the 125K mark or even before that depending on the wear and tear and the type of usage.

Make sure that the buyer need not make any immediate expenses on the car to replace tires or brakes. For sellers, it will mean that they can jack up the selling price while the buyers will find it a great bargain. Win- win!

7.Fix sounds and squeaks

In aging cars the plastic components often squeak and rattle. Sound damping material will reduce the disturbance. You can even try using pieces of yoga mats inside the bonnet and the boot lid to neutralize the sound and ensure a smooth drive.

8.Restore headlamp and tail-lamp lenses

Headlamp lenses fade with age. Replacing the headlamps once every five years or so keep them look good. You can also get the lenses buffed to restore them partially, while sticking to your budget.

9.Change engine oils

Keeping the engines well lubricated will go a long way in enhancing the driving comfort and fuel efficiency in older cars. Switch to a semi-synthetic option. An oil grade change along with filter and plug replacements will keep the engine performing at its optimum best. Your buyers will enjoy the test drive of your car for sure.

10.Get a professional inspection

A professional mechanic can inspect the used cars in UAE to ensure that it is in the best working condition. By offering verifiable inspection records for the car the sellers can take the buyer into confidence and prove that your vehicle is worth the money they pay.

With the immediate expenses and repair work already taken care of, your used vehicle may appeal to those buyers looking for a safe deal that won’t take a lot of work in the future and will help boost the overall satisfaction of the buyer.

These tips will help you to not just own and drive a smart car, but seal a great deal when it’s time to sell it. So, what are you waiting for? Take some of these steps into serious consideration to boost the desirability and character of the old car sitting in your driveway and increase your price point too.

Useful for any car seller, this quick guide will relieve you the pain of finding the best buyer of your car that deserves a sweet ride!