Nandini Good Life UHT milk, 1 ltr

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Daily consumption of milk significantly contributes to the nutritional needs of the body. Nandini Good Life UHT milk, is homogenised so that the milk's cream content is distributed uniformly, making the final product thicker and tastier. It gives your kids the energy to stay active throughout the day. Consume it straight up or mix it into your favorite puddings, desserts, or regular cup of tea or coffee.   

origin: India   

Ingredients: Cow milk   

Milk Fat: 32% min   
Milk SNF: 8.3% min   

Nutritional Facts per 100 ml:-   

Energy, Kcal: 61   
Carbohydrate, g: 4.7   
Added Sugar, g: 0   
Total Fat, g: 3.3   
Saturated fat, g: 2.3   
Trans fat, g: 0.0   
Protein, g: 3.2   
Minerals, g: 0.7   
Calcium, mg: 121   
Vitamin A: 39   

Health Benefits: It is rich in calcium, also a good source of nutrition for all age groups.    

Note: Needs no boiling before use   
Completely untouched by hand   
UHT treated, Six layer tamper evident Tetra Pak packaging   

Storage: Needs no refrigeration until opened (4°C to 8°C) and consume with in 2 days, once opened. Best before 365 days from packaging when stored in a dry and cool place. 

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